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Warren Huart was kind enough to have me as a guest on his "Produce Like A Pro" web-series. It was a blast to "talk shop" with Warren, who is also an LA-based producer/engineer.  He's interviewed a ton of great engineers, producers and mixers.

More marvelous times w/ Warren discussing specific studio techniques as well as a tour of the studio I'm involved with, The "Sweetspot".

Can't get enough of Warren's rugged good looks and my boyish charm?  Check out this video tutorial where Warren and I both mix the same song, but with two different methods.  Warren mixes on an analog console (SSL), and I mix completely "in the box" (my trusty 2012 MacBook Pro and some UAD boxes) using only plug ins.

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Had a nice chat with Lij Shaw on his podcast, "Recording Studio Rockstars".  If you haven't already, check out his podcast.  I particularly recommend his interview with Richard Dodd.


On my tour on the "podcast circuit". I also had a chance to talk w/ Matt Boudreau.  Matt has a great angle with his podcast in that there isn't as much focus on gear (which suits me.  I don't know what any of those knobs do anyway).  Instead, we discussed work/life balance and the challenges of having a family whilst toiling in what my friend Brad Wood calls "An adolescent's idea of a legitimate career".  Matt has had many cool guests that span all aspects of audio, not just record production.

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