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Roger Joseph Manning Jr.


U.S. Girls

The Lickerish Quartet


The Jacks


Brian Reitzell

Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson

Flogging Molly


Siouxsie Sioux

Andra Day


Night Riots

Marc Almond



Ivan & Aloysha

Victorian Halls

Split Single

Ron Sexsmith

Lisa Loeb


Veruca Salt

Divine Fits

Dwight Yoakam

James Blunt

Jerry Lee Lewis


Kelly Hogan


Red Hot Chili Peppers


Marshall Crenshaw

The Pretenders

The Decemberists

Maroon 5

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


The Format (Nate Ruess)



P.J. Harvey

Travis Tritt

Tommy Stinson

Andre Crouch

Barry Manilow

Goo Goo Dolls

Redlight King

Sum 41


Young Dubliners

The Handsome Family

The Waco Brothers

Archer Prewitt


The Frogs

The Jesus Lizard

The Lee Harvey Oswald Band

Jay Bennett and Edward Burch

The Tossers

The Sadies with Jon Langford 

Richard Buckner/Jon Langford 

Jon Langford 

Pine Valley Cosmonauts

Sally Timms

Kevin Coyne

Marie Digby

Minnie Driver

The Aluminum Group

Jonny Polonsky

The Mighty Blue Kings 

Ramsey Lewis

Kathleen Edwards

Mason Jennings


"Radio Daze" (Omnivore/Orchard) mixing

"Wolves" (Pavement Ent.) mixing

"Bless This Mess" (4AD) producer, mixing, musician

"Fables From Fearless Heights" (Sony Int'l)-engineer/mixer/musician

"I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" (BMG)- mixing

"Remember You"-EP (Edgeout/Universal)- mixing

"California Son" (BMG)- mixing

"American Gods" Original Soundtrack (Milan Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Hannibal" Original Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Tehran 1979" -single (Milan Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Life Is Good" (Concord Records)   -mixing

"Within A Mile Of Home" (Side One Dummy Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Beautiful Broken" (Concord Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Love Crimes"-single (Lakeshore Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Cheers To The Fall" (Warner Brothers)   -engineer

"EP" (Epic Records)  -engineer

"Love Gloom"(Sumerian Records)  -mixing

"Trials Of Eyeliner" (Universal Records)  -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Squidbillies" 2016 Theme Song (TBS)  -producer/engineer/mixer

"This Is Your Life" (Caroline Records)  -mixing

"It's All Just Pretend" (Dualtone Records)  -mixing

"Hyperalgesia" (Victory Records)  -mixing

"Fragmented World" (Inside Outside Records)  -engineer

"Carosuel One" (Compass Records)  -engineer

"Live In Tokyo" (Furious Rose Productions)  -mixing

"World Peace Is None Of Your Business" (Capitol Records)  -mixing

"Ghost Notes" (El Camino Records)  -engineer

"Ain't That The Way"/"Chained To Love" single (Merge)  -mixing

"3 Pears" (Warner Nashville)  -engineer

"Moon Landing" (Warner U.K.)  -engineer

"Rock & Roll Time" (Verve)   -engineer/mixing

"Mean Old Man" (Universal)   -engineer/mixing

"Through The Never" (Blackened Records)   -editing

"I Like To Keep Myself In Pain" (ANTI)   -engineer/mixing

"Beneath The Country Underdog" (Bloodshot Records)   -engineer/mixer/musician

"Raditude" (Geffen)   -editing

"Christmas With Weezer"(Geffen)   -producer/engineer/mixer

"The Red Album"(Geffen)   -assistant engineer

"Troublemaker" video single (Geffen)   -engineer/mixing

"I'm With You" (Warner Brothers)    -assistant engineer

"iTunes Session" (Metric)   -engineer

"Jaggedland" (429 Records)   -engineer

"Break Up The Concrete" (Shangrila Music)    -engineer/mixing

"Holiday EP" (Shangrila Music)    -engineer/mixing

"iTunes Session" (Capitol Records)   -engineer

"iTunes Session" (Interscope)   -engineer

"iTunes Session" (BMG/ Vagrant)   -engineer

"iTunes Session" (Armoury Records)   -engineer

"Dog Problems" (Nettwerk Records)   -engineer

"Live At The Mayan Theatre" (Nettwerk Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer

"Oh No" (Capitol Records)   -producer/engineer

"Ok Go" (Capitol Records)   -engineer

"Twelve Days Of Ok Go" (Paracadute Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer

"KRCW Live Sessions"    -engineer/mixing

"iTunes Session" (Island/Universal)   -engineer

"The Calm After The Storm" (Category Five Music)   -editing

"One Man Mutiny" (Done To Death Records)    -editing

"The Journey" (Riverphlo Entertainment)   -engineer

"The Greatest Songs of The Eighties" (Arista Records)   -engineer

"Something For The Rest Of Us" (Warner Brothers)   -assistant engineer

"Something For The Pain" (Hollywood Records)   -engineer

"Screaming Bloody Murder"   -engineer

"Punk Rock" (Quarterstick/Touch and Go)   -producer/engineer/mixer

"Oooh-Out Of Our Heads" (Quarterstick/Touch and Go)   -producer/engineer/mixer

"Heaven and Back" (Quarterstick/Touch and Go)   -engineer/mixer

"Journey Till The End Of The Night" (Quarterstick/Touch and Go)   -engineer/mixer

"Me"(Quarterstick/Touch and Go)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Naoi" (YD Records)    -mixing

"Saints And Sinners" (429 Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"With All Due Respect" (429 Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Real World" (Higher Octave)   -mixing/musician

"Though The Trees" (Carrot Top)   -mixing/mastering

"In The Air" (Carrot Top)   -mastering

"Great Chicago Fire" (Bloodshot)    -engineer

"Freedom And Weep" (Bloodshot)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"New Deal" (Bloodshot)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Electric Waco Chair" (Bloodshot)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Wacoworld" (Bloodshot)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Cowboy In Flames" (Bloodshot)    -engineer/mixing

"Do You Think About Me" (Bloodshot)   -engineer/mixing

"In The Sun"    -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"White Sky"    -engineer/mixing

"Three"    -engineer/mixing

"Wilderness"   -mixing/mastering

"Pulsars" (Almo Sounds)   -engineer/mixing

"Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise" (Scratchie Records)  -editing

"Starjob" (Scratchie Records)    -editing

"Bang" (Touch and Go Records)    -engineer/mixing

"Blastronaut" (Touch and Go Records)   -editing

"The Palace at 4 AM" (Undertow Records)   -engineer/mixing

"The Emerald City" (Victory Records)  -mixing

"The Mayors Of The Moon" (Bloodshot Records)  -engineer/mixing

"Sir Dark Invader Vs. The Fanglord" (Buried Treasure Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Gold Brick" (ROIR Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Skull Orchard" (Sugar Free Records)   -engineer/mixing

"All the Fame Of Lofty Deeds" (Bloodshot Records)   -engineer/mixing

"The Executioner's Songs" Vol 1,2,3 (Bloodshot Records)  -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"Salutes The Majesty Of Bob Wills" (Bloodshot Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For Lost Buckaroos" (Bloodshot)   -engineer/mixing

"In the World Of Him" (Touch And Go Records)   -engineer/mixing

"A Day In Chicago" (Buried Treasure Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Unfold" (Hollywood Records)   -editing

"Seastories" (Rounder Records)  -engineer

"Happyness" (Wishing Tree)  -producer/engineer

"Plano" (Minty Fresh Records)   -engineer/mixing

"The Power Of Sound" (Loveless Records)  -producer/engineer/mixer

"There Is Something Wrong With You" (Eggbert Records)   -producer/engineer/mixer/musician

"A Mighty Blue Christmas" (R Jay Records)  -mixing/mastering

"Alive In the City" (R Jay Records)   -engineer/mixing

"Between The Keys" (GRP Records)  -editing

"Asking For Flowers" (Zoe Records)  -engineer

"In The Ever" (Brushfire Records)   -engineer

"Summer Teeth" (Warner Bros)   -editing

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